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  1. The community is called the "".
  1. is an Internet platform that offers its participants the opportunity to exchange experiences, support and tools for the most successful mining of cryptocurrencies.
  1. does not provide investment advice, especially with regard to cryptographic currencies such as bitcoin. does not carry out any mining of cryptocurrencies and does not mediate any legal transactions that serve this purpose in the broadest sense.
  1. The user must apply for admission to The admission is decided by There is no legal entitlement to participate in may demand identification of the user.
  1. The opinions expressed in the community forum do not necessarily reflect the opinion of assumess no liability for the statements and opinions of its members.
  1. does not guarantee that the tax and/or legal treatment of matters in connection with bitcoin mining will change in the future due to legislation, court rulings or administrative decrees. Each participant of is responsible for a correct legal and/or fiscal treatment of an investment in the Bitclubnetwork. does not guarantee the economic success of any investments of its members. Any liability of - for whatever legal reason - is excluded, unless is liable for gross negligence or intent.
  1. A participation in the Bitclubnetwork is a speculative investment, the economic result of which is not certain. Anyone wishing to mine cryptocurrencies (especially bitcoin mining in the Bitclubnetwork) must be able to accept a total loss of their invested money in the event of a negative economic development of cryptocurrencies.
  1. Participation in is free of charge.
  1. Participation in can be terminated at any time with immediate effect. Notice of termination may be given in writing or by electronic means.             
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